Some leaves dying on my Deshojo

Discussion in 'Maples' started by ajm55555, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. I'd like to know if anyone has experienced this.
    This Deshojo was attacked by spider mites this summer so I progressively defoliated it and by the beginning of September it had a new canopy.
    Now suddenly at the beginning of October some leaves had this strange occurrence: a small part of the stem dries and shrinks, the leaf then bends down because it can't sustain its weight anymore and then fully dries.
    Most of the leaves are fine though. We didn't have freeze yet and the min temp has never gone below 6C (42F).
    Could it still be the effect of cold at night on young leaves or is it something else?


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  3. discusmike

    discusmike Omono

    Is it in bonsai pot or ground?are uou sure its mites?its late in the season and the tree will be losing leaves n beneficial bugs will take over,can you see dormant buds for next season? If so i would not get to worked up,leaves look rough on alot of trees this time of year,hard to tell but looks like the leaf stalk got broken off
  4. Giga

    Giga Masterpiece

    Virginia beach, VA
    have you kept up your spraying?
  5. It's in a bonsai pot. I repotted it in the Spring of 2016.
    The mites were gone after defoliation, no mites now.

    Since only some stalks had this treatment without any apparent reason, I was wondering if there is any disease that causes that. The wind would have had a more uniform treatment. Cold?
    I'm not too worried about the overall health of the tree, just wondering if anyone witnessed the same.
  6. There were no mites on the new leaves and there are none now.
  7. I forgot to add that, in my experience, mites do not cause this kind of damage. Rather, leaves would curl up, then partly dry but on the leaf itself then die, not like here where a tiny bit of the stalk dries and kills the whole leaf.
  8. Giga

    Giga Masterpiece

    Virginia beach, VA
    It either a watering issue or a leaf disease, hence why I asked if you sprayed recently
  9. Ah OK. No, I didn't spray it in the last 2 months.
  10. Giga

    Giga Masterpiece

    Virginia beach, VA
    It's hard to tell from the pictures, but with the crazy warm weather fungal issue can be an issue
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  11. I do not spray my tree against fungi as a preventive measure. Do you think I should do it on Japanese Maples?
  12. 0soyoung

    0soyoung Masterpiece

    Anacortes, WA
    I have a similar problem with my ShindeShojo but in early spring. It does seem to be fungal/bacterial.

    Try spraying a solution of 2 tablespoons 3% hydrogen peroxide in a quart of water (an a drop or two of detergent) every day or two as long as this condition persists.
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  13. miker

    miker Chumono

    Wyomissing, PA
    I might be worried about fungus.
  14. After reading this, I think I will go with sulfur, when I have time...
  15. After some days I must say I'm not worried too much.
    The involved leaves are just a few and it doesn't seem to be spreading.
    A clearer picture. Here, on the same branch, one is affected and the sister leaf is not.
  16. It completely stopped now. I'm starting to think it was a quick cold spell and the tree was unprepared.
    Didn't spray at all.
  17. Eric Group

    Eric Group Masterpiece

    Columbia, SC
    Do a dormant spray of Lime Sulfer over the winter/ early Spring prior to bud break.. not because I think you have some big fungal issue, just because it is the smart thing to do with Maples. They are very prone to fungal attacks, especially Deshojo.
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  18. It's as delicate as beautiful ;-)
    I will do it. Thanks for the tip.
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