1. Mellow Mullet

    Mellow Mullet Masterpiece

    My dad picked this up for me at Home Depot this weekend, I think it might be a good saw. You can put any blade in it that will fit is a saws-all.


    It even folds


    Here it is with a branch pruning blade:


    Doesn't fold too well with the longer blade

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  3. Wilson

    Wilson Omono

    Eastern townships, Quebec
    I have been wondering how this would transition to bonsai use. A couple of guys have them at work, but never used them myself. I like the interchangeable part, you can probably find some nice blades for it.
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  4. sorce

    sorce Nonsense Rascal

    Berwyn, Il
    It'll be useful...

    But them sawzall blades are expensive.

    And I found them all to get real loose at the connection..
    Too loose for fine tree work.

    Not to take anything away from Mellower Mullet (I assume you are like whiskey, age mellowed)
    Cuz he is a Certified Badass!
    And is certainly doing you a solid giving you something to chop that "wire straightener" off your bench with!:p

    Seriously....I gotta get on them pots...voodoo shiiiit.
    My tailbone is still so sore....I cant even cough!

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  5. just.wing.it

    just.wing.it Masterpiece

    MD, US Zone 6B
    I have the same one. The long wood blade came in handy for sawing thru roots in the ground, when collecting.
    I did use my cordless sawzall until the battery died...them bust out that one.

    I also used it more recently when sawing off half of a mugo root ball.
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