Ficus Leaf Issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Raindog, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Raindog

    Raindog Seedling

    NE Florida
    Can someone point me in a direction concerning the discoloration of some leaves on what appears to be a healthy Ficus showing constant new growth.
    NE Florida, outdoors in full sun. We are experiencing very high temperatures 90-95°, rains almost everyday for a short period.

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  3. sorce

    sorce Nonsense Rascal

    Berwyn, Il

    Pluck it!

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  4. petegreg

    petegreg Omono

    ...those holes, traces left by a leaf miner?
  5. GrimLore

    GrimLore Imperial Masterpiece

    South East PA USDA Zone 6b
    @Raindog - Up here we keep many types of tropicals outdoors all Summer. The Ficus varieties are in general poisonous to most insects so "if" they get chewed up it usually is light damage. Being very hot in full sun I suspect the damage, if insects, would start on the underside of the leaf. If it does not there is a possibility they are getting to much direct sun. Up here we have the best success with filtered sun on all Ficus.

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  6. Raindog

    Raindog Seedling

    NE Florida
    Thanks for your response. The sun really seems to cook these plants, but I have established a solid watering pattern and I notice that most of the Florida bonsai nurseries keep their bonsai and pre-bonsai in full sun. Using inorganic soil does require increased watering during these months and I'm thinking about adding some pine bark to help retain moisture.
  7. StoneCloud

    StoneCloud Chumono

    This looks like it could be some type of fungus......

    Do you water the trees and leave the leafs wet over night?

    A spot of water could have also accumulated there and burned the leaf through sun magnification......

    The only time I water the leaves is in the morning (7am)

    unless it rains obviously....

    The rest of the day and especially in the evening I do not wet any of my trees leaves.

    It's so humid in Florida that once the sun goes past the tree line evaporation is at a standstill.....

    I use chemicals, my approach is planned out and regularly executed and still get little things here and or two leaves no big deal...

    But like always and especially in FL Make sure you take care of it things spread over night it's nuts!!

    Hope this helps!

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