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Imperial Masterpiece, from South East of Cols. OH

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    1. Mike Corazzi
      Mike Corazzi
      Well... looks like Ms. Oliive is happy again. At least for the summer.
      My resident club "olive person" sez that ...HERE.... olives want...DIRT!
      So.... I'll be repotting next season in more akadama and SOIL. WAY less lava.
      Probly replace the lava with pumice.


      How can a bonsaist utter, "DIRT?"
      1. JudyB
        seems a bit crazy to me too, why don't you just try unsifted akadama. I use that mix for things that need more moisture. Glad that your olive has picked back up!
        Jul 17, 2017
    2. Mike Corazzi
      Mike Corazzi
      Hi JudyB.
      You seem to be very interested in olives.
      How often do you repot them? Go by root density or what?
      I think I've been doing it too often by doing it yearly.
      Still trying to figure out what is making the ends of the leaves turn brown.
      Overall seems healthy, but should I stop repotting yearly?

      Larry (Mike)
    3. Gilad
      Hi Jody,

      Do you repot your olive bonsai around now or do you do it in spring ? Mine is growing, perhaps slowing down now when it's super hot. It's in development and I'm letting it run to thicken the trunk . I can see root coming out of the nursery pot so I reckon I need to repot it to a colander . I won't really trim the root, maybe just arrange them. But when???
    4. wsteinhoff
      Hi Judy,
      I saw about the Columbus Bonsai Society's class being done next month. I know you're in that bonsai club and was wondering if you knew anything about it or could tell me about it. I thought about taking the class since I'm newer to all this but like to know if it's mostly just basic concepts that I'd already have taught myself or if it'd be worth it. Thanks,
    5. Mojosan
      Judy, I am interested in buying the spruce. I live in north Idaho, can you estimate shipping? Thanks, Matt
    6. Pattik
      Hello Judy. Did you sell the crabapple? I've been away from bonsai nut for some time and hope thi is the correct way to message you. Thanks
    7. Ris
      Hi Judy, am interested in the myrtle not sure how to pm as I haven't been on this site for some time now. Is the pit included with the tree?
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