What's wrong with this leaf?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by NorthTXacer, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. NorthTXacer

    NorthTXacer Seedling


    Looks like iron deficiency or a lack of nitrogen? My tap water pH is 8.5, is that high enough to block iron absorption?
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  3. Quince

    Quince Yamadori

    Appleton, WI
    Have you seen this chart?
    It's old but still helpful for predicting pH related nutrient deficiency. I have noticed a big improvement in the color of some plants when I drop the pH of my tap water from 7.8 to around 6.0

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  4. BeebsBonsai

    BeebsBonsai Mame

    Hickory Hills, IL.
    My guess would be chlorosis. If the leaf is yellowing from outside in with green veins thats almost definitively chlorosis. Thats some hard water. Damn. Have you tried using a water basin and leaving water sit a few hrs to bring the ph down? You can also use soil amendments for ph. They can take a few weeks to set in.
  5. NorthTXacer

    NorthTXacer Seedling

    I was waiting on buffer solution to calibrate the pH meter and it arrived Friday PM, Saturday watered at 6.5 pH on a basil plant. You wouldn't believe me how much of an improvement it's made in 48hrs. I've been growing basil for 20 years and I don't ever remember a basil this green. Looking at my nectar plants I see several that might be suffering the same problem.

    I will be watering the maples and junipers with 6.5pH starting this am. I'll post updates.
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  6. Smoke

    Smoke Imperial Masterpiece

    Fresno, CA
    How about a picture of the whole tree and where it sits at noon during the day. I see much greener leaves in shaded portions of the canopy. Tridents can tolerate a lot of sun, but have mechanisims to counter the brite sun.

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