How to 'bug-proof' stands, tables, monkey-poles etc?

Discussion in 'Stands' started by SU2, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. SU2

    SU2 Mame

    FL Gulf Coast 9a/9b
    I've got 1 monkey pole but two more (out of driftwood :D ) that are about to be erected, and have 1 table now but just finishing the build on a second one.

    I'd been intending to do this for reasons of aesthetics (and general culture - my house causes my plants to lose sun after 5p, they get an extra hour if they're raised 3' in the air!), but recently had an outbreak of (caterpillars?) that I'm dealing with now but had noticed that only on-ground plants were affected, anything raised was *not* affected by these caterpillars, so have prioritized getting all my plants off the ground!

    I've made this thread for ideas on how to 'bug proof' my poles & tables, like how to keep it so bugs can't just crawl up! I know nothing is fool-proof, but for instance I know that if I slathered the bottom 6" of a pole (or table leg) with petroleum jelly, my guess is no bugs could crawl over that! Have also been thinking of dusting the ground around the poles/legs of tables with diatomaceous earth powder (or boric acid powder) to make those areas pretty insect-free. I know that things will still get up on these stands/tables somehow but figure there's things I can do to seriously limit how many get up and would greatly appreciate any suggestions!!

    Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :D
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  3. Stickroot

    Stickroot Masterpiece

    Mid MO
    Bugs do not crawl up my poles. They are treated wood and with combo of Malathion and Neem I don't know that I would see them anyway.
    There are also other risks when setting trees on the ground. image.jpeg
  4. Anthony

    Anthony Masterpiece

    West Indies [ Caribbean ]
    A simple coat of baby oil [ mineral oil ] works on furniture indoors, not sure
    how well it would hold up outdoors.
    Test ?
    Good Day
  5. Smoke

    Smoke Imperial Masterpiece

    Fresno, CA
    Most of the bad bugs fly, so treating the legs is not really productive. A one inch band of copper wire or tape like the old window tape for burgler alarms around each leg will keep snails and slugs from eating leaves though. The copper reacts with their slime and turns them into a battery electrocuting them. Really cool.....
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  6. sorce

    sorce Nonsense Rascal

    Berwyn, Il
    I'm going with spiders.

    I'm with Smoke...
    Not worth the effort.

    But here is something worth the effort.

    Before those caterpillars were eating your trees..

    They were eggs, just sitting around...waiting for you to smash them!

    Happy Preventing!

  7. M. Frary

    M. Frary Bonsai Godzilla

    Mio Michigan
    That is cool.

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