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Oct 29, 2006
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Vance Wood

Lord Mugo, from Michigan

I live in Roseville, right down the road from you. Feb 5, 2016

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Viewing thread The "What The Heck Should I Do With It" Thread, Aug 16, 2017 at 6:26 PM
    1. sorce
      Vance I just realized that of all the people I learned from, about every nursery tree or shrub commonly used and considered "easy", the only Nursery tree I have alive and repotted is my Mugo Pine!
      I can't express how much I appreciate your passion for Mugo!
      I would not be able to enjoy a pine at all if it wasn't for this.
      I can't begin to explain what this means to me, and I can never thank you enough!
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    2. michael dixon
      michael dixon
      hi vance i have about 50 1 year old mugo pumilio what is the best way to take care of them thanks
    3. sorce
    4. Guy Vitale
      Guy Vitale
      Hi Vance, l have a question for you, I have a
      Small Japanese Black Pine, with rot that is starting to go straight through the trunk, how can I stop or slow this down? The soil is very course mix of pumice, lava rock, cherry granite, and pine bark. Root and foliage growth has been pretty week the last couple years. I'd post a picture, but haven't figured out how on a direct message.
    5. Vance Wood
      Vance Wood
      I live in Roseville, right down the road from you.
    6. Jim G
      Jim G
      Hello Vance, What city are you located in?
    7. Cadillactaste
      I can't seem to get my conversations to work right...thinking to pass on the one Mugo I showed you...and pick up a cheaper one to see if I can keep it alive first. I keep reading pines can be difficult...either you can give them Horticultural care it needs or you can't.
    8. Gbhunter77
      I want to try four seasons club again, are you a member.
    9. Smoke
      If I click on your name I can read all your old PM's you didn't clear. I have no clue how any of this works anymore either. I just know there are certain aspects that I don't like.
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    10. ginger
      What's up you ole fart?

      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        My weight and blood pressure
        Feb 9, 2015
    11. Hisaoka
      Hi Vance, do you sell your mesh pots?
      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        At the moment I do not. Most people are not willing to pay the price I have to charge for them.
        Feb 9, 2015
    12. digger714
      Hi Vance. My name is Brad Russell. You had given my some questions last week about my mugo pines. I had originally asked about needle plucking, and you informed me of some things i should think about. I was wondering if you had time to look at my response of your questions. Any help or suggestions you could share would be great. I really love this hobby. I could possibly see myself doing this full time hopefully someday. Anyway, i am wanting to learn more about the mugo pine, and am willing to do extra to learn. Thanks again for any time you have.

      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        Ah Yess the bonsai dream. Everyone serious has that dream but few are able to pull it off. If you are really serious you need to find a teacher that is not a DemiGod and will sell you more on him than on bonsai.

        my email:
        Feb 9, 2015
    13. bonsaidad
      Hi Vance, Hows our white pine?
    14. Wm Tom Davis
      Wm Tom Davis
      Hi Vance,
      If you could please, I have a few of questions about your technique of using a dental tool to increase trunk growth. I'd like to email you, if I may.

      Thank you very much for all of your sharings on this and other forums.

      ~ Tom
      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        my email:
        Feb 9, 2015
      2. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        I would be glad to talk to you.
        Feb 9, 2015
    15. TeKmInIbI
      Hi Vance, i have a couple questions for you about your CBS if you don't mind contacting me when you have time.
      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        What are you refering to "my CBS"???
        Feb 9, 2015
    16. bonsapien
      I meant that it seems you just can't get a straight answer on this site. I meant no offense to you.
      1. Vance Wood
        Vance Wood
        Since the site has changed I am still having problems finding things I normally are on top of
        Feb 9, 2015
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