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  1. Hari vardh
    Hari vardh sorce
    My adenium bonsai leaves are turning yellow and shedding leaves pls help me
    1. sorce
      Burn it!
      Just kidding!

      Make a thread with good pix!
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:48 AM
  2. Bolero
    Bolero RKatzin
    You are doing well Rick, keep it up...Ever hear of Pewabic "

    Chuck aka Bolero
  4. tree4me
    Michael Downey
  5. bobbywett
  6. Saddler
    How I rate myself on a technique: 1st time "gold star?!?" 10th, capable 100th, good 1000th, great 10,000th skilled, 100,000th I'm over it!!
  7. Wilson
    First day of sun in forever, and I now have a permanent tank top...
  8. thumblessprimate1
    thumblessprimate1 bleumeon
    Like the oak, man.
    1. bleumeon
      Thanks! Will become pretty nice tree in 10 years maybe :D
      May 11, 2017
  9. herzausstahl
  10. Leon
    Leon MACH5
    One of the things that really stand out when you design your bonsai style are the selection of the bonsai pots you select to each tree specimen you own. I'm very interested on the Reihou pot style that you used for the Acer Palmatum. I was wondering if you can provide a website or contact person I can reach to have one specially made for a tree I'm trying to design of my own.
    1. MACH5
      Hi Leon,

      That blue pot is a Reiho from Japan. I purchased that pot when I was in Japan from a vendor at the Taikan-Ten exhibit. These pots or similar are sometimes seen for sale on FaceBook on the Bonsai Auctions page. Otherwise sometimes on EBay. For custom made pots here in the US you can contact Ron Lang or Roy Minarai. Contacts can be found through a simple search on Google.
      May 3, 2017
    2. Leon
      Thanks for contact. I will google them now.
      May 3, 2017
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  11. herzausstahl
    Draft Day!!!!
  12. Polcyn
    Polcyn sorce
    Hey Sorce,
    I am in Illinois as well. Was wondering if you have been to BC Bonsai in Wheaton? I have a one on one scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday for my BRT. Thanks
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    2. sorce
      I haven't been.
      But I've heard good things!
      Apr 26, 2017
  13. Stickroot
    Trying to focus on BONSAI, been lost without focus!
  14. reddog
    reddog Bonsai Nut
    Can you please remove my login information and content to this forum.
  15. Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut amcoffeegirl
    What's going on with that cascade? I never noticed it before. Intriguing!
    1. amcoffeegirl
      My profile pic? There's a thread here somewhere.
      Got it from schleys. It's doing well.
      If I got a nice stand I could submit it this year at the Iowa fair- but I know I won't. I'll just keep growing it for me.
      Apr 19, 2017
  16. Mike Corazzi
    Mike Corazzi JudyB
    Hi JudyB.
    You seem to be very interested in olives.
    How often do you repot them? Go by root density or what?
    I think I've been doing it too often by doing it yearly.
    Still trying to figure out what is making the ends of the leaves turn brown.
    Overall seems healthy, but should I stop repotting yearly?

    Larry (Mike)
  17. thumblessprimate1
    thumblessprimate1 rockm
    Like the new dog picture!
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  18. parhamr
    so tired of this rain
  19. BrianBay9
    Moved again, starting over....full circle to SF bay
  20. parhamr
    Spring is sorta starting