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Thread: Back Budding Black Pine?

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    John, I will apologize, I used the wrong label. It is an, "Oregon Green Austrian Pine, Pinus Nigra.

    Klytus, I have no idea what you mean. It came from a nursery this past spring and I put it into a grow box with some bonsai growing medium. I cut about 3' off the top. I want to develop budding closer to the trunk on the existing branches.

    I have made an attempt at a couple of grafts back to it's self to see if I could get some finer growth closer to the trunk. If they don't take the scars will heal. I would rather see new buds on older areas to develop from.

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    Some guy wires perhaps,i am even experimenting with plaited string to apply a droop.

    Fishing weights too,i can leave them on all the time.

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    No problem at all. JBP are extremely strong growers, so decandling techniques are fairly predictable in their outcome, once the proper timing for your area is discovered. I'm told the same techniques can be applied to Austrian Black Pine, but you'll want to make sure it's growing strongly and the timining in development is correct.

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    What I can tell you is that this month has been the month that we here in the PNW especially at Elandan Gardens (Dan Robinson's garden) remove this years growth. We remove it this late for two reasons.

    1) the tree has expended most of its energy so that new buds that form will be smaller and weaker.
    2) these smaller weaker buds produce smaller foliage thus reducing the scale of the foliage as well.

    The trick to this working is that we don't pull needles (except spent dead needles). This allows us the ability to guarantee that the bud is undisturbed. We instead trim needles to allow the light to enter. needle trimming does cause the ends to brown but we aren't interested in showing trees that are in developement and come maturity the tree will produce tiny needles all on it's own. Some people disagree with this practice and they aren't wrong... just different.

    We can do this at this time because we have such a long growing season and we only do this to trees that are in a strong growth state. Some trees we let run for a year or so at a time to get some extra vigor and then start them back up on the program again. (removing 1 or more years growth).

    I think this late in July might be pushing it (i don't know your area) ... but you can certainly give it a go.

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    I wouldn't do it ths year, it's a little late.

    keep it green,
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